18 December 2008

Lets Increase The Price Of Stamps

At 27p and 36p, the UK is one of the cheapest places to send to letter (for instance, France is about 48p). If the Royal Mail profit margins are being so hit that we need to close thousands of post offices that some in the community rely on- maybe one way to subsidise them would be to raise the price of a stamp to continental levels - only a thought.

And if you are worried about the cost to business - we could more than compensate them by installing CCTV in sorting centres and stop some of the billions of pounds of theft that goes on there.


  1. Aargh. You've spoiled it all by being sensible again for a change.

  2. On a separate topic, my 'recent comments' widget has stopped working. It appears that the same has happened to yours. Any ideas how to fix this?

  3. It would be better to sack the thieving postal workers stealing billions of pounds worth of goods in the sorting offices.

  4. Mark, the comment feed problem is with blogger - so there is nothing we can do - keep updated at blogger 'known issues'.

    Snafu - CCTV would stop them stealing - cheaper than sacking them all!