22 November 2008

What Tax Cuts?

The difference between the new Tories and new Labour is not tax cuts - the difference is where the tax cuts are going to hit.

Hopefully come Monday, Labour will target their...
tax cuts at the lowest earners - the ones most in need in help and the ones most likely to spend us out of a possible depresssion.

The Tories will oppose this not because they think it is profligate - they will oppose it because their tax cuts will be targeted at a different constituency altogether - the Tory constituency who read the Daily Mail and earn enough to worry about £700k inheritance tax - hardly the sort of people who need help in the current climate and hardly the sort to spend any tax cuts coming their way.

Labour are back in the game - the neo-liberals that the Tories have revealed themselves still to be are out of vogue - nobody thinks de-regulation is the way to go anymore - the Tories are out of step.

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