01 November 2008

Glenrothes Or Bust.

Unlike Polly Toynbee who has blown with the wind over the fate of Gordon Brown, I never wanted him as Labour leader - predicting correctly he would be to the right of Blair and would alienate voters, and have called consistently for him to go.

The financial crisis has been a...
blessing in disguise for the Tories, saving Brown's bacon despite appalling poll figures and enbarrasingly poor attempts at holding what should be safe Labour seats in by-elections (in Crewe and Edinburgh), meaning Labour's defeat is now assured. Yes, the poll gap has closed from a disastrous 25 points to just below double digits - this, is nothing Labour supporters should be ecstatic about - we still face defeat. Also I fear this is a brief reprieve in the polls for Labour under blundering Brown, despite Alistair Campbell's return which has now prevented Brown making the most obvious strategic errors, he still puts his foot in it. Brown should have stayed clear (and above) the latest Osbourne sleaze scandal and let the Tories squirm in their own mess, but instead he managed to put his own side on the backfoot. That the shadow chancellor hangs out with the worst of new Labour's sleazebags - Mandelson has brought back to the public's attention that the Tories will always be up to their necks in sleaze (even while in opposition, and don't forget that Cameron is holidaying on billionaire's yachts as well, when the cameras are switched off).

So my message to the Labour MPs is; this is the best it will get for Brown - if he still loses in Glenrothes we are back at square one - over to you the voters of Glenrothes - you have the power to remove Brown and save the Labour party.


  1. I think perhaps you are sending the wrong message to the voters of Glenrothes.

    As you say, if Labour win, this is as good as it gets for Brown and he will KNOW that.

    After Christmas, when the recession starts to bite and job losses and repossesions rise sharply, Brown will not dare call an elction because he will know most of his party will be wiped out.

    Therefore if Labour win in Glenrothes, the sensible move for Brown would be to call a snap General Election.

    Shouldn't we be syaing to the voters on Glenrothes that your best chance of avoiding Brown clinging to power until 2010 is to hand Labour a victory in Glenrothes.

  2. Brown is too cowardly to call an election before June 2010 whatever happens in Glenrothes. And anyway, while the alternative is a bunch of old Etonian arrogant Tories - George and David, I prefer Brown to stay until 2014.