29 October 2008

Would You Queue FIVE Hours To Vote?

Republicans have become experts in vote suppression (even Mugabe would be impressed!). There are already legal suits being issued over low numbers of polling staff and voting booths and registration suppression. There is no doubt that more Americans want Obama than McCain (as reflected in his slim poll lead amongst registered voters), but those thinking Obama is going to 'win' this election could have a nasty shock coming. Most voters now think their vote will not be...
counted properly and think the vote will be rigged. What a terrible state for the supposed leaders of the 'free world' to be in.

I have never had to wait even one second to vote in this country and it is hard to imagine how FIVE hour queues could even develop yet alone be tolerated. It is not that hard to hold an election that is honest and reasonably accurate - even a hundred years ago it happened. The only explanation for the most powerful nation on Earth not being able to hold an election properly is corruption. And we all know which party benefits form this. Expect McCain to be crowned in 6 days time.


  1. Yup. I've got my fingers crossed for McCain/Palin, so thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope!.

    PS, what on earth makes you think that long queues skew the result in favour of one candidate or another? Is Obama Bin Laden already lining up his excuses to justify his subsequent stint on the lecture circuit whining about why he lost?

  2. Mark: what.. makes you think that long queues skew the result in favour of one candidate..?

    Imagine you have never voted before, are not that motivated by voting or politics in general, think the whole thing is going to be rigged, but somehow turnup at the polling station faced with a 5 hour queue. What would you most likely do when you think you have far better ways to spend your time?

    This is the situation for millions of new voters - the vast majority (according to polls) intending to vote for Obama. This is why it is the republicans supressing registration and making people wait hours for polling booths and the democrats filing law suits to force them to quicken up voting. It is not brain surgery to work out what is going on - it is corruption at the highest level and if this was happening in some African country you would be the first to condemn it.

  3. If rampant vote rigging and postal voting fraud were benefitting the ruling party in this country, I'd be the first to condemn it.

    Oh ... it does and I do.

    The Democrats have just as many governors, senators, mayors & representatives as the Republicans, don't tell me they can't get it sorted out IN THEIR OWN AREAS!

  4. Mark: It is at state level these things are decided and Florida, Ohio, N.Carolina are republican and suffering the worst examples of voter corruption. Postal vote rigging in this country is worrying and Labour has to take blame for that for introducing it when knowing the pitfalls - it is despicable, but I doubt it is on a large enough scale to make any difference in a general election. I think our electoral system with its inherent unavoidable gerrymandering (because no matter where you draw the boundaries the result is skewed) encourages this sort of contempt for voters - people feel disenfranchised because largely they are.

  5. To be fair, Neil, a US electoral ballot is considerably more complicated than a UK one. In the UK, you get a bit of paper with a few names written on it, and make a cross next to your preferred candidate. Total elapsed time: a few seconds.

    In the US, a voter will select his preferred candidate for president, Senate, House, state legislatures, city / county legislatures, and quite possibly other roles (judges, sheriffs, municipal dog catchers,...) and possibly vote on several referenda, all at the same time. It takes longer - it's not surprising that problems can develop.

    Five hours is absurd, though. The only reason you should have a five hour delay is if the entire electoral district showed up to vote as soon as the polls opened.