23 October 2008

Impolite Tory Finally Pays A Price.

Most Tories are...
nasty bastards by nature and Gideon 'George' Osbourne leads from the front when it comes to a superiority complex.

I can usually spot them - totally without humility and immersed in their own self importance - 'Dave' Cameron is just as bad and despite his lovable image Boris Johnson also ranks high in this category - in fact he might be even scarier in some ways.

The 'Yachtgate' story was given 6 pages in the Times today (but no mention of the Murdoch connection, what a surprise from a Murdoch owned paper!) - as some Tory councillors have suggested, Cameron should give Osbourne the push if the story still has legs tomorrow. - It will have legs, but Osbourne will not be given the push - he is the Tories golden boy - they cannot afford to lose his rich connections.

Whatever hatred the right have for Mandelson, he fits in better in the Torie's wealthy crowds than he does amongst his own Labour colleagues. Mandelson would be a revered figure in the Tories, with the full backing of the right wing press - instead they hate him for being a class traitor.

The Tory press are pushing the line that this is Mandelson's revenge, but anyone who read Rothchild's letter knows this is about etiquette and rudeness (by Osbourne) amongst the elite classes who rule over us.

It doesn't matter if Osbourne is technically innocent - he spent time on a yacht with Mandelson and a Russian oligarch talking about channeling money through his companies to get around the law. It is the arrogant contempt for the law that makes him guilty. Lets hope the electorate convict him of this if nothing else and the dodgy Tories and their foreign bankers and dodgy foreign donors pay the price in the polls.


  1. John Lilburne23/10/08 3:30 pm

    All this mock outrage over Osborne is compleely beside the point. The EU trade minister with a responsibility for tariffs was holidaying with a man who stood to gain from that association.

    One might ask Deripaska: 'What first attracted you to EU Trade Minister Peter Mandelson?'

    It's just amazing how this story has been 'forgotten' because it suits both parties (the Tories were fed up with Osborne anyway, and neither side wnts to get involved in a potential trade scandal).

  2. My point, is that Mandelson is at home with a bunch of Tories on a rich mans yacht and Lord Ashcroft and his foreign tax dodging donations to the Tories channelled through dubious companies like Bearwood Services need to be mentioned. It was the Tories who first used loans to get around Labour's tighter donations rules - but the Tory press make sure it is only Labour transgressions we get to hear about.

    You cannot pretend that the Tories are going to be 'good with our money' and uncorrupt after their record in opposition and their record in the 80s and 90s in government accepting brown envelopes of cash.

  3. And you, Neil, cannot pretend that Labour are any better than the Tories.