21 October 2008

Don't Expect To Hear Any Of This In The MSM.

Canada has now had 3 general elections in 4 years (9 in last 17) under its first-past-the-post electoral system (the same system as ours). They will probably be reluctantly asked to vote again next year. How come this is not as...
well known as Italy's frequent elections under PR?

Don't expect either, to hear anything about how successful coalition government has worked in New Zealand since it ditched our system for PR. Malcolm Clark takes the FPTP brigade to task over this. What is a more behind closed doors coalition? - the battle between left and right within the Tory and Labour party members (a wacky few) who decide our governments OR having a choice of more than 2 and a half parties to vote for. Coalition under our system is bad because usually only one party will ever be in any bargaining position - the Lib Dems.

More people probably saw David Cameron on Breakfast TV this morning boasting about Tory policies on quicker council payment of bills, than saw Gordon Brown earlier announcing the same policy. Most probably didn't realise the Tories were just brazenly nicking policies or that 'Tory tax holidays' directed to the few require just as much so called 'irresponsible' borrowing as Labour spending on help for the majority. What is more shocking is that the BBC interviewer didn't know either (or pretended not to). Thankfully Snowflake did notice - see below.

Finally, evidence - OECD - is starting to arrive to show that Labour's fast rising minimum wage and tax credits have made a difference to inequality. No doubt few people will get to hear about it or the fact the Tories will freeze the minimum wage and that Cameron thinks 'redistribution has reached the end of the road'.

It is however good to see the Tories - Arrogant George - finally getting some publicity for their (potentially) dodgy foreign loans - it is about time, considering they have been taking the piss for so long hiding their donations so well even a derivatives expert would struggle to find them - they have tied knots in the spirit of the law on donations. It is a travesty that Labour (who have done more to curtail dodgy donations than any other party) get the blame while the Tories can swan it around as whiter than white.

Its also good to see one in the eye for the religious zealots for once - Devils Kitchen.

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