04 August 2008

Brown Opinion Poll

It seems that even talk of getting rid of Brown is giving Labour a boost in the opinion polls, imagine the boost we would get if...
we actually did get rid of the duffer.

People are generally optimistic about change (any change), hence their willingness to give Cameron a chance despite his vacuousness on policy. Voters even initially gave Gordon Brown a chance with a big boost in the polls for Labour when he took over (if only he could have seized his chance with a quick election, the people of London might still have a decent Mayor in Ken Livingstone as well).

One thing for sure is that a Miliband/Johnson ticket (or Denham/Cruddas even better) would be recognisably different - it would be bound to give at least an initial boost to Labour fortunes (hypothetical questions in polls are next to useless, so forget them). And if it didn't, what would we have lost? It is certain Brown is going to lose the next general election. I am not a betting man but if anyone is willing to suggest Brown can win the next general election, I will take your bet. That is how confident I am that Brown is going to lose.

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