04 August 2008

Boris Blueprint.

It is not often I agree with Boris Johnson - but his claim that...
what he does in London will give clues to a Cameron government, is a correct one.

First, Boris banned booze on the tube, at a stroke destroying the 'cuddly liberal' image some on the libertarian blogs tried to paint of a Tory administration.

Then Boris scrapped half price bus fares for the poorest - making a mockery of Tory claims to help the most hard up.

Then Boris raises the London living wage by 25p but immediately advises firms how to avoid paying it. We all know Ken would have increased it by more AND enforced it.

Even after a few weeks, Boris is already up to his neck in sleaze, appointing 'deputies' one week and sacking them the next. His 'laissez faire' attitude to facts means simple checks that would have found out their unsuitability were ignored.

And so much for equality, as Boris appoints a succession of white middled aged men to his team. Seemingly unable to find 'talent' elsewhere.

Boris bemoans the 'waste of money' on the Londoner monthly newspaper (that most Londoners found useful), but wastes millions on a kangaroo court of nose in the trough Tories who still fail to find anything corrupt in Ken's administration but spin it to their press friends like they did find 'something dodgy'. If the Tories really cared about stopping waste of taxpayers' money - surely Tory Brian Coleman should be the first person they get rid of.

Tory green credentials are as shallow as Boris's - he poses with a few trees while quietly giving permission for Thames Water to build energy guzzling de-salination plants rather than stopping their much more substantial leaks. And the scrapping of the £25 gas guzzler charge will starve cycling projects of £500m while increasing Porsche profits.

Finally , Boris made a lot of noise about fighting crime and getting more police out there. It seems his first step is to actually CUT the numbers of police - Tories tend to cut police numbers, expect the same from Cameron.

We on the left all warned Boris was going to be a hopeless Mayor struggling with his brief, what we didn't foresee is that his gaffes were going to set the standard for the Tory stupid party to follow when in government.

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