21 April 2008

Brown Has Had His Chance And Blown It - It Is Time To Stick The Knife In.

Jackie Ashley suggests things can get much worse if we ditch Brown. Really? The worst opinion polls since the early Eighties, Labour stuck on 30% and things would get worse? I don't believe it.

I suggest things will only get worse if we stick on the present course of alienating the poorest workers. Brown is now a tainted figure and this is the perfect time to get rid of him - it may save some Labour councillors in these local elections. We have lost so much ground in local government we are in danger of having no base for the general election. It was the Tories weak strength in local government that made it so hard for them to win general elections.

Cameron is still universally untrusted, if Labour change leader now we could easily get a fourth term, just as the Tories did by ditching Thatcher when they were facing anihilation.


  1. I quite agree. Let's have the contest we should have had last year.

  2. Erm, I thought this was all a Tory plot / right-wing media storm!?!

    Are you suggesting there is some truth in Brown not being the most popular and successful Labour PM of all time!?!

    PS Who should replace Gordon Brown? Balls or Straw!?!

  3. snafu: I said right from the start we needed a proper leadership election and that Brown would not be my choice.

    I thnk we need to have a proper slate of candidates from all wings of the party and see who is the best. People out there want a Labour party that gets back to its democratic roots - they will respect that. MY own personal choice would be John Denham, although I think Ed Balls would also be better than Brown.

  4. Joseph Dale22/4/08 1:28 pm

    Unforunatly although Cameron is untrusted he is still much more popular as the 'modern' and 'reformed' etonite compared to Brown who is doing bugger all right. As an economist for 10 years in Government it was obvious he would be right wing. I am ashamed of the Labour politicians for not seeing this. I beg of all the true centre left Labour MPs to join LibDem immediatly or at least for Labour to try and join a coalition Government with the LibDems. They have got some formidable politicians and I think Labour doesn't have a natural leader at the moment. A Labour coalition Government with Nick Clegg as PM will win overall support in any election. I am not a LibDem supporter but a mild socialist that will do anything to not let the Conservatives have another term in office- ever. It may seem a farfetched proposition but you cannot deny how effective it would be.

  5. Either Brown starts representing the interests of Labour voters, or we'll lost the next election.

    Labour Party members weren't given a vote over the leadership. As far as I'm concerned there's no reason we should stick with Brown out of loyalty or stubborness.

    Sod him. The Labour Government is more important than the Labour Prime Minister.