20 April 2008

Boris's Reputation (Kate Nash Inspired)

Clara Bassinet in the comments has kindly alerted me to this video, brilliant! There is also a more rude version.


  1. John Miller20/4/08 8:24 pm

    I've never seen this blog before, but I did wonder why you were getting so worked up about the London mayoral race, as none of the 4 words making conmprising the title of the blog seem to indicate why you should have any interest.

    I speak as one who has no real interest in the result of the elections, although I do live in London. (the reason I have no interest is that if Boris wins GB will emasculate the post of mayor).

    Still, I wonder what your attitude would be if a London blogger, commenting on the Brighton local elections, banged on about "our fair city", and what, as a Labour supporter, was your attitude to Ken when TB said that Ken would return to the Labour Party over his (Blair's) dead body?

  2. Ken Livingstone is a hero of mine, being so close I visit London quite often and what happens in our capital city is of interest to us all.

    TB made a mistake over Ken and he apologised for it.

  3. While you're in the mood for a song, have you seen ours?

    You can see the video on YouTube here:

    Or see/hear it in various higher-quality downloadable formats on StopBoris.org here:

    Hope you like it... and more importantly that we can stop Boris on 1 May!