19 June 2007

Cruddas Attacks Labour Secularists

Jon Cruddas has attacked what he calls "intolerant secularists in the Labour Party” according to the National Secular Society who quote his recent interview in the Catholic Herald. Jon, you are completely wrong...

If you think we are being intolerant to complain about religious privilege and the expansion of faith schools that divide society, then I think it shows what skewed priorities you have not us, and you have lost my vote for sure. In fact you have lost my 3 votes (Unison,Fabian,Party).

I have never been sure of how important this deputy contest has been anyway (especially now it seems that Brown and MPs are going to deny us a choice of deputy PM as well as PM) but at least it will show what the priorities of members are.

I don't think there has been much to choose between the candidates and so I have changed my ordering a few times - but I am going to post out my papers today and with this latest information about Jon I have to drop him down my rankings.

Peter Hain and Alan Johnson have come across as the two candidates whoose 'heart is in the right place' - media savvy, atheists (though quiet about it), supporters of electoral reform (only AV in Hain's case but nevertheless) and a commitment to do something about inequality. Both have run lacklustre campaigns but I still think them the best candidates with a media unsavvy Harman in close third. So this is my final choices.

1. Hain
2. Johnson
3. Harman
4. Cruddas
5. Benn
6. Blears

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