21 June 2007

Abortion Increase Is Good News.

Religion has a lot to answer for on this topic. Abortion is traumatic enough without the added 'guilt of religious dogma' and also the bureaucratic (religion imposed) delays of getting two doctors consent (sometimes difficult when so many are bigoted religious doctors), it is clearly ridiculous.

We are delaying abortions that could have happened in the first trimester and making them more dangerous. We are preventing early abortions that are now universally safe and quick (certainly far safer and less traumatic than actually having the child) and we are putting more anguish on the women involved for no other reason than to please a few religious bigots. But on to better news. An examination of the latest abortion figures is good news for the following reasons...

The number of abortions in the first trimester has risen (30% of abortions now done by the 'abortion pill').

The birth rate has stayed fairly static, so the rise in abortion is not due to a rise in unprotected sex - this clearly shows a more relaxed social attitude towards abortion which is all to the good.

Ask yourself which is worse, an abortion or an unwanted child brought up by parents not willing or ready to take the responsibility. The parents failed on contraception so why think they can be good parents?

Quality of life is as important (if not more so) than saving a 'potential life' (whatever that means). These damaged children with disinterested parents disproportionately grow up in trouble and every one of these who is aborted reduces the crime burden on our society in 20 years time, not to mention avoids the effective 'slow death' they these people will experience.

With an overpopulated world straining the eco-system, every abortion must save millions in future carbon emissions. Then there is the strain on the infrastructure of schools and housing etc - they will be unproductive for 16 years or much more, with an overcrowded South East - Jeremy Clarkson must be pleased by these latest figures.


  1. The Englishman21/6/07 12:54 pm

    Giving kids up for adoption is a third option - one that some of us forty something old bastards are quite grateful for....

  2. These damaged children with disinterested parents disproportionately grow up in trouble and every one of these who is aborted reduces the crime burden on our society in 20 years

    Is this just you opinion or is it based on some published research?

  3. It is based on published research by John Donohue and Steven Levitt in the US. Their book Freakonmics is reviewed here in the Wall Street Journal.

    "Back in 1999, Mr. Levitt was trying to figure out why crime rates had fallen so dramatically in the previous decade. He was struck by the fact that crime began falling nationwide just 18 years after the Supreme Court effectively legalized abortion. He was struck harder by the fact that in five states crime began falling three years earlier than it did everywhere else. These were exactly the five states that had legalized abortion three years before Roe v. Wade.
    Did crime fall because hundreds of thousands of prospective criminals had been aborted? Once again, the pattern by itself is not conclusive, but once again Mr. Levitt piles pattern on pattern until the evidence overwhelms you. The bottom line? Legalized abortion was the single biggest factor in bringing the crime wave of the 1980s to a screeching halt."

  4. As for adoption, most women denied abortion will end up struggling to raise the kid themselves and not surprisingly do it badly than give their child up for adoption - so adoption is not an answer.

  5. Mr Harding to state adoption is not an option is quite a sweeping and unsubstantiated statement. I for one was jolly glad that my biological mother decided to give me up for adoption, as opposed to becoming some medical waste resembling an unsavoury soggy snot.

    I think if your stance is that the taboo of abortion is removed, that we eradicate religion and guilt and all responsibility for an individuals chosen actions. That abortion becomes as easy and straightforward as popping along to the shops, or would that exert too much effor (perhaps you would advocate a drive thru abortion clinic, grab a burger while you're at it) While we are making abortion as acceptable as scratching your arse (obviously not in polite company) then perhaps the stigma of a mother giving up her child for adoption can also be eliminated. (an option you so readily dismissed - wheres the democracy?)

    I think abortion is a far more complicated issue than you profess. Neither do I feel that these disinterested parents would be any more interested in abortion as they were in taking contraception in the first place. Apathy rules my friend and she'll only start pushing when it hurts, even if you offer her abortion on a plate.

    Mrs E

  6. Mrs E. I am only stating facts. Women denied abortion do not give their kids up for adoption no matter how unprepared they are for being parents. Instead they raise their kids badly and cause all sorts of problems for society. That sadly is the choice. When it comes to that we have to make abortion easier.

    Yes I am in favour of anything that makes abortion easier. Don't you realise that all this stigma and delaying tactics you propose just turn first trimester abortion into later abortions that are more dangerous and I am sure even you would prefer early abortion to late abortion.

    You seem to imply that women make such decisions lightly and I doubt that is ever the case. It is a difficult decision for a woman but one that she has to be allowed to make - and she should be given as much support as possible not have obstacles placed in her way like you suggest.

  7. Another resource for you: http://www.ng2000.com/fw.php?tp=abortion