28 March 2007

Polly's critics only mention her pro-govt articles?

Two posts in from her sabbatical, and where are the usual critics of Polly on these recent articles? They accuse her of being a New Labour Stooge but conveniently ignore stuff that contradicts that assertion.

They always ignore her articles on the many occasions when she voices criticism of the government?

Well it doesn't hold very well with their view that she is biased does it? Perhaps they need to look to their own bias.

*Update* Apologies to Tim. Tim points out he has written about these articles here and here. This guy writes so much I somehow managed to miss these. Once again apologies.


  1. Neil,

    Point taken but, believe it or not, I simply haven't had the time to fisk her. I was certainly planning to do the last couple and I probably will...


  2. Neil,

    Quick question. Can you read?



  3. Apologies Tim. You write so much, I don't know how I managed to miss that.