27 March 2007

Honesty rarely wins you votes.

Which explains why we have so many bland and dishonest politicians. It is far harder to be open and honest and get elected (although it is not impossible).

For example, how many MPs (or candidates) are supporting the closure of local hospitals even though many of them know that they are campaigning to keep open inefficient hospitals when local people could be better served by using funds for other health services and better funding a much bigger hospital a little further away.

The question is, most voters are fed up of bland and dishonest politicians yet we still keep rewarding them with our votes, why?

Obviously, our archaic dysfunctional electoral system, biased media and corrupt funding of parties doesn't help, but there is more to it than that.

In the competition for being elected, it pays to avoid giving direct answers to direct questions. What can we do about this?

Well, if we want politicians to be open and honest, more of us will need to join political parties and more of us will have to vote for these sorts of politicians (warts and all). This will mean inevitably supporting candidates that we vehemently disagree with on a number of policies. We have to accept that whoever we vote for, it is impossible for a politician to be elected who will give us everything (or possibly even most) of what we want.

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