14 February 2007

Dopey Cameron.

Why wasn't Cameron prosecuted for possession of drugs? Is it the fact he has not got a criminal record that makes it ok for him to have smoked cannabis, snorted coke, taken crystal meths, ecstacy or crack, injected heroin or whatever else he and his old Etonian drug dealing mates and his old Etonian Tory shadow cabinet mates (14 of them) have been up to? We all know (originally in the NOTW) that his Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne, has snorted coke with a prostitute. Or as Dennis Skinner put it "The only thing that was growing then were the lines of coke in front of boy George and the rest of the Tories."

Now I don't care what drugs Cameron has taken and I think those enthusiastic Tory toffs on Conservative websites, who think this is a godsend, are probably right. Sadly, taking drugs is a vote winner amongst the young.

But what I do object to, is Cameron saying that those in possession of drugs should be prosecuted, but at the same time saying that because he got off with an Eton slap on the wrist (Latin lines), his past is none of our business. Now that is out of order.

I want Cameron to serve time in jail for possession like some unlucky few do if they are caught. If that is the policy Cameron agrees with then he should do the time (why should he be exempt from punishment?). If he believes as I do - that all drugs should be legal, then he had better come out and say it, otherwise I have no problem in calling him the biggest hypocrite on the planet. He certainly isn't cool and he certainly isn't hip - Cameron is a prize posh prat in a dinner suit. As John Harris in today's Guardian points out (no link), being at Oxford in a group that is a cross between the Freemasons and National Lampoons Animal House is far from cool and about as far from normality for most people as is imaginable.


  1. Unfortunately Camercon is more appealing right now on a number of issues at the moment than the Torbour party: Environmental, Identity Cards, social causes of crime, University Fees, etc.

    But you are right, Camercon is a hypocrit.

  2. John: What environmental policies does Cameron actually have (apart from his detrimental road building proposals and his opposition to the climate change levy which has reduced emissions)?

    Do you oppose ID cards in principle? If it is the practical considerations that concern you, then I share your concerns. At the end of the day, if the scheme won't work it won't happen. So you have nothing to worry about.

    Cameron supports university fees the same as Labour do, and I agree with them both. However Cameron will set the loans at commercial rates not the current 'inflation' rates. He will also scrap the maintenance grants re-introduced by Labour. Enrolments to University are at record levels under this government and still rising. Cameron opposes people going to university unless they have rich parents like him.

    Cameron's answer to 'social causes of crime' is to devolve responsibility to voluntary organisations that will have a fraction of resources.

    In other words he will cut expenditire on social programmes that cut crime. How will that help?