05 October 2006

Did you miss me?

Well I'm back, phew! what a few weeks - 20 fringe meetings, 20 votes against the leadership and over 200 units of alcohol later - what a conference - what a city Manchester has become!

Blair - outstanding. Best speech I've ever heard! Brown? Best speech he has ever done (especially the bit about image not being as important as substance), but his speech was still so low key it made Jack Straw look inspiring.

So who does that leave us? Well sadly Alan Johnson didn't cut the mustard for me despite his support for PR. John Reid is actually surprisingly good at working an audience but I would vote for Brown before that right wing thug and John Mcdonnell has about much chance as being PM as me - i.e. none. As John Denham is unlikely to stand that leaves a walkover for Brown for the leadership.

Luckily the Tories are tumbling in the opinion polls and Cameron at the Tory Conference is even managing to send the hand-picked people in the stage backdrop to sleep.

The fact the Tories are pretending to be for social justice and the minimum wage, etc just shows how much Tony has achieved. This country is now social democrat, the people don't want the Tories back.


  1. Yes!

    But what could have been so important as to make you miss the B4L Manchester meetup?

  2. I am afraid your confidence is out of step with what is really happening.
    Cameron is appealing to all the trendy aspirant middle class toss pots who call themselves green and hate anything to do with the Labour party.
    Not only that but he is energising his local activists and his old guard.

    They have tolerated 3 terms of Labour, the establishment is not about to allow a fourth.

    Look around the country and you will find local Tories active in community projects whilst Labour activism is almost non existent.

    Our party has lost too many of its core voters through its policies on privatisation and the disaster that is the war in Iraq.

    The Blairite outriders will jump ship to Cameron once they see he is going to win.

    The next election is lost for us and Cameron doesnt even need policies to win it.

  3. Come to Manchester and I think you will see that labour is very involved in local communities.

  4. B4L: Sorry about missing the meet-up, I was at an Electoral reform fringe and just completely forgot about it. Damn my poor memory. It looks like you all had a good time. Hopefully you will have another meet-up soon.

  5. A mass defection to labour? - who on earth in their right mind would want to join you bunch of war mongers? you've no chance dear boy, no chance at all. Ha ha ha