12 September 2006

Just like to highlight some events..

From the Make Votes Count (MVC) website;

Lib Dems (Brighton) - Sunday 17 September, 1pm-2pm. Quality Hotel, West Street, Brighton. Speakers: Chris Huhne MP, Julia Goldsworthy MP and Professor John Curtice. Chair: Matthew Oakeshott. Refreshments provided. All welcome. No passes needed.

Labour (Manchester) -

(i) MVC rally / fringe Sunday 24 September, 8pm-10pm. Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley St M2 3JL. Speakers: Patricia Hewitt MP, Charles Clarke MP, John Denham MP, Michael Meacher MP, Stephen Twigg and Dr Adrian Blau. Chair: Anne Campbell. All welcome. No passes needed: event outside the secure zone.

(ii) Democracy Groups Reception Tuesday 26 September, 8-10pm. Bar38, Peter Street, Manchester. MVC is helping to co-ordinate this exciting new venture at Conference.

(iii) LCER and ERS are hosting a reformers’ networking and local government event on the Wednesday night 7.30pm-9pm, Midland Hotel. Delegates and passholders only.

Conservatives (Bournemouth) - Tuesday 3 October, 6pm Hermitage Hotel, Bournemouth. MVC is supporting this ERS/Conservative Action for Electoral Reform fringe and the reception following it. All welcome. No passes needed.

The Green Party have their conference in Hove from Thurs 21 Sept to Sunday 24th Sept. The public are welcome to Hove Town Hall. The highlight appears to be Caroline Lucas MEP talking about 'the threat of peak oil - what happens when the oil runs out?' at 8pm on Friday 22 Sept.

Also for B+H Labour Party members there is a policy forum on Saturday 16th at 10.30am in the Jubilee Library debating transport, waste and a 'safer, cleaner city'.

The constituency (GC) meeting in Brighthelm on Monday 18th at 7.45pm is open to all Brighton Pavilion Labour party members.

Apart from the Tory shindig in Bournemouth I should be attending all of these events. See you there maybe.


  1. From a previous post: -

    "There is far more debate going on in the Labour party conferences than ever happens in the Tory party ones."

    To this: -

    "Apart from the Tory shindig in Bournemouth I should be attending all of these events. See you there maybe."

    haha! well, I guess you are just a ZaNu Labour luvvie. Go to a Tory conference, then you may have some validity to your claims.

  2. When was the last time Labour took a vote at their conference? If they took votes there Bliar would have been out years ago.

  3. anon: I try to go to every conference I can. Couldn't make the Tory conference this year but hope to make the next one. I think it will be in Brighton, will it not?

  4. So is STV your system of choice?

  5. I prefer STV to the present system and would support it wholeheartedly but a more proportional system would be even better.