22 October 2006

Cocaine snorting, converse wearing, webcam using, 'down with the kids' Cameron accuses Labour of ignoring the old!

"A man who broadcasts live to the nation by kitchen webcam, and was last week invited out clubbing by a rapper from Chicago in town to discuss violent lyrics with him, accusing his rivals of being too youth-orientated may raise eyebrows at Westminster. So will the accusation of ageism against a government that outlawed it."

I think this paragraph in today's Observer sums up Cameron's latest opportunism.

Well the guy has got a cheek! Some other things he now claims to support Labour on.

Cameron opposed the Minimum Wage, saying 'it would send unemployment back up'.

Cameron called Child Trust Funds a 'gimmick'.

Cameron opposed the abolition of Section 28 saying the PM was 'moving heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in our schools'.

Cameron supported 'Patient's passports' to give the rich hand outs with NHS money, he called it 'the start of a new Conservative revolution'.

Well it seems his latest tax policies, that the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies described as the most regressive tax policies since Thatcher are the 'new Conservative revolution', which hopefully translates as 'Conservatives still out of touch and out of power for many more years yet'.


  1. I just wanted to comment on your comments about Churchill.

    I think you are Mr. Hindesite. All your comments are based on massive hindesite and written history. What I would like to know is, what the fuck would YOU do in his situation?? You are all so high and mighty about your views but have you ever been in charge of decisions about a huge world war?? Somehow i doubt it. OK you can have your opinions but your opinions are so ridiculous and nowhere near put yourself in the same position, they are ridiculous. I would definitely like to know how the fuck you would deal with that kind of situation and fear that you would be shite. Opinionated people like you fuck up this country and you are a cunt.

  2. Thanks for that anon.

    Churchill was a reactionary bigot who opposed rights for those less fortunate than himself, (votes for women etc.) and in 1945 the British people agreed with me, which is why he lost the election so disastrously. Of course the media have re-writen history since then.

    I am not criticising Churchill for wanting to fight Hitler, there was almost universal support for war against the Nazis on the Left, it was the Tories who wanted appeasement.