30 June 2006

England are no more boring than most other teams.

England more boring than Italy? Blatter is having a laugh. Frank Lampard alone has had more shots than some entire teams in this tournament.

The Argentina-Germany first half today was called good by some commentators, but the stats don't lie. Only 4 shots on goal (2 on target). I was dropping off watching some of it, there was hardly any goalmouth action, and this was good? Well in comparision to some of the other games I suppose it was.

I think the excitement levels in the majority of games at this tounament have been below other World Cups by quite a significant margin.

I love watching football and have seen most games in this tournament, but even I have started reading the paper for large periods of some of the games.

As I have outlined, the game is crying out for rule changes to stop the cheats and start rewarding attacking football.

When Sepp Blatter (wet bladder) says it is the 'best ever', I suspect he means in terms of revenue and organisation, not the quality of the football. Winning is nice, but winning and being entertaining is even better.

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