20 April 2006

One of the biggest problems with this country is a press that promotes the BNP and denounces the achievements of the Left.

Aside from the usual Left-bashing rhetoric of a typical Daily Mail/Evening Standard concentration camp guard...err sorry I meant journalist, Nirpal Dhaliwal actually suggests something I totally agree with in Tuesday's Evening Standard (sorry no link I can find).

He states that the British don't know how lucky they are and that billions of people in the third world would love the opportunities afforded them in this country. What he neglects to mention is that most of the opportunities afforded the poorest came as a result of the Left. In fact he goes further and suggests the Left actually make it harder for the working class (especially white working class) by mollycoddling them. This he states is the reason why the BNP is gaining ground.

This is an idea the rightwing press loves to propagate. Of course the rise of the BNP has got nothing to do with the constant anti-immigrant line pushed by the press. Nor has it anything to do with the working class being persuaded by the press how crap this country is.

"Well my local hospital/school are excellent and my father's treatment/ my children's education/ was fantastic BUT 'reading the press' things must be bad elsewhere"; "Crime in my local area is falling and I see more police BUT nationally it is a disgrace 'according to the papers'".

Reading the Sun the other day I even saw one commentator blaming 'finding urine on the toilet seats at Gatwick Airport' on Tony Blair and this Labour government (and he wasn't joking). When the press are willing to go to these lengths on a daily basis to find things wrong with this country, is it any wonder people are fed up. It almost makes ME want to vote Tory, just to shut up the whinging wealthy class who write this rubbish. Ask yourself when was the last time the press suggested any positive solutions rather than just negativity such as the NHS is unfundable and taxes should be cut whatever the cut in public services does to people on the breadline?


  1. I had to laugh when I read your crap that the press promotes the BNP...what planet are you living on. Front page headlines in the Express/Mail etc etc the BNP are vile... nazi's..thugs..scum.

    Open your eyes ...the left is helping Bliar asset strip the UK...big business is buying up everything. Does new Lab care course it fucking well doesn't it just gives these fat cats arseholes an honour!!!

  2. Well of course the right-wing press have got to occasionally dissassociate themselves from the BNP (probably out of guilt for creating the monster in the first place), but at how they use their readers prejudice to vilify immigrants and foreigners in general most of the year is disgraceful. Think of all the negative stories papers like the Mail/Express use about asylum seekers/foreigners on a daily basis. Surely you accept this bias has something to do with support for the BNP?

  3. The likes of Dirty Desmond the Zionist owner of the Express would never in a million years support the BNP. The gutter press play on the feeling of people who have anti-immigration views to sell their rags. It's all about £££££'s rather than supporting a small under funded fringe group.

    The people who are responsible for the growth of the BNP are the party politicians who have ignored the wishes of the British people.