18 February 2006

Meanwhile in a pub in London...

Thanks to Andrew at Bloggers4Labour for organising the London meet-up. Paul at Mars Hill has some photos and a review, as indeed does Andrew (MR) Wongablog. Thanks also go to Skudders at 'Life in Broadfield Village' for the 'tour of London' and also knowing the way back to Victoria by foot and knowing that the train to Brighton split off into two.

Thoroughly impressed with Mr.Wongablog for having a copy of Bertrand Russell's 'Why I'm not a Christian' with him.

Also there were Kerron Cross (of the delectable left and Rasputin lookalike fame), and Tom of Lets be Sensible (and very sensible he was too).

The time went so fast tormenting Paul's religiosity, I didn't get much time to speak to Cllr Andrew Brown and Pootergeek on the other table, maybe next time eh!

I thoroughly enjoyed taunting Paul about his belief in God (as is my wont). It was also good to put some faces to the blogs. I was mistakenly a bit apprehensive about meeting everyone, as all turned out to be very friendly chaps.

Of course, the big question we were all asking was; 'How the hell does Talk Politics find the time to write so much?'. Personally I have my suspicions he is in fact some Artificial Intelligence robot programmed by civil libertarian aliens.

*Update* Skuds has done a review of the meet-up here, and how could I have forgotten to mention Paulie from Never Trust a Hippy.


  1. Just relieved that you didn't have me chloroformed and packed off to London Zoo and dropped off in the Lion's area ;)

  2. I'm not so bad really ;o). My blog image must have scared a few.

  3. Neil Harding, dark horse of the dark arts...and dark star. :-)