17 February 2006

Campbell stands firm on electoral reform.

In terms of leadership qualities, media image, work experience and outlined policies on tax and the environment, I have gone on record in support of Chris Huhne for Lib Dem leader, as has Polly Toynbee.

After reading this, I now have my doubts.

Ming said;

"If anyone is tasked by the Queen to form a government and produce a Queen's Speech in the House of Commons, which does not contain proposals for electoral reform, then I would take my Liberal Democrat colleagues into the lobby against that Queen's Speech and, yes, if necessary precipitate a second general election,"

Now that is what I want to hear, fighting talk!

Whereas Hughes says;

"have a fair parliament in your programme and legislate for it and then we'll talk. 'If you don't we are not going to, and every vote you put to the Commons will depend on its merits and there will be no deal."

I would have expected equivocation from him, but I was particularly disappointed to hear similar from Huhne;

" [it would be] "responsible" to support policies the party agreed with. But we will vote very firmly against issues where we have not campaigned and we disagree."

When we consider that a 'hung parliament' is almost a certainty at the next election, we will have to listen to these people and it is disappointing to hear the one policy I really support about the Lib Dems already being negotiated away. Maybe Ming is a 'safe pair of hands' afterall.

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  1. Good luck! It seems it is the devil or the deep blue sea.