09 February 2006

Flip Flopper Cameron.

Cameron insinuates he opposed the war in Iraq in his latest leaflet appealing for Lib Dem defectors, but he not only voted for war with Iraq, he said that he supported Bush and that was enough reason, WMD were irrelevant.


  1. LabourScotishandproud9/2/06 4:13 pm

    Why does he bother? The Tories will never win in Scotland (The poll tax was road tested up here before the rest of the country), Especially with Brown leading Labour next time and possibly Campbell leading the Lib Dems.

  2. Yes Cameron looks very very foolish calling for Lib Dems to join the Tories - only one went and no-one had ever heard of him anyway. Meanwhile a former Tory MP joined the Lib Dems. People who make such calls are really very sad indeed, I pity thm - its the worst kind of personality-based politics and such a call is only ever done by somebody who is clueless about politics, and indeed most other things. Still we all had a really good laugh at his, or is it your expense.