09 February 2006

24 hour drinking lowers violent crime.

Looks like I was right and pubphilosopher was right. The new licensing law has meant more drinking in local pubs rather than the more dangerous town centre pubs that encourage binge drinking. Not surprisingly this change and the disappearence of 'pressure points' around 11pm and 2am has reduced violent crime. Also not surprisingly, pubs are reporting hardly any change in takings. There is only so much drinking people want to do, some are choosing to go out later as a result of later licences and therefore drinking less.

Now will you believe me when I tell you the Daily Mail, Torygraph, Times, Sun, Express, Conservatives and Lib Dems etc. talk a lot of sensationalist shit. Anything to have a go at New Labour, sometimes they are right, but most of the time they just oppose the government to suit their own political agenda of getting tax cuts for the well off by having a Conservative govt!

Well done to the Labour government for sticking to its policy despite ridiculous amounts of pressure from the media, judges, even cowardly turncoat police and also the despicable attempt in the Lords by Lib Dems and Tories to stop it becoming law. Let us not forget.


  1. Neil, on the grounds I've been rather more nasty than is normal for me in the past, I just thought I'd let you know that on this one, I agree with you completely.

    And always have. I do not understand the LibDem/Tory policies on this one when it went through, and still don't get it; free marketeers and social liberals playing the protection/nanny card, and the party of the nanny state playing the liberalise card.

    It pains me to say I support the Govt, but on this, I do. Other elements of the act worry me a little, but, well, not that much compared to the bonuses.