05 January 2006

To be PC or not to be PC, that is the question.

This is the response by Nick Cohen in the Evening Standard to the Civitas pamphlet on political correctness via Harry's Place.

"Reading the Civitas report made me at last realise ‘political correctness’ is now so shop-soiled and slippery a phrase it is beyond redemption. Leave aside for the moment that white, heterosexual men fill nearly all the best jobs, and ask yourself if you would be happy to go back to the world of 30-years ago. I can remember when it was perfectly acceptable to go on about the wogs and the poofs, and the few women in senior jobs were universally assumed to have got there on their backs.

Domestic violence was a private matter and the police ignored queer and Paki-bashing (and on occasion engaged in some bashing themselves.)
For all its absurdities and petty abuses of power by PC jobsworths, this is a better country because of the fight against racial and sexual discrimination. True conservatives should praise the politically correct for upholding the rather old-fashioned belief in the importance of good manners."

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