05 January 2006

Olympic Stadium: On time & in budget.

Remember in 6 years time when the Olympics are a massive success, that you heard it here first. I just hope it won't be a Tory government taking the credit for all the hard work and long term foresight of Livingstone and this Labour government.

So, why am I so confident that the Olympic Stadium will be within budget and on time?

Ken Livingstone has stated that when the plans are finalised for the stadium this year, there will be NO changes afterwards, especially from people who don't understand the practicalities of what they are asking for. This constant meddling has caused the delays and extra costs in completing projects like Wembley Stadium.

There is also going to be a fantastic legacy from the games because Livingstone has committed 10 million pounds a year after the Olympics to keep the facilities well used, which will attract further international events and keep the facilities available for the local communities. There is also going to plenty of low cost housing and 10 billion pounds of investment in London's transport infrastructure. The Tories opposed the Olympic bid.

This country is improving all the time under a Labour government. Only Labour could have delivered the Olympic games. Lets not be fooled by Cameron and his image tricks. It was miserable living under the Tories and this country was going backwards. Lets not forget that. We live in a great country and things are improving all the time. We need to prevent the Tories ever ruling this country with a minority of the vote. We need majority government and democracy. Any party that can win a majority of the vote deserves to rule the country. I don't believe the Tories current philosophy of misery could ever win a majority. Lets have democracy and PR and lock in Labour's achievements for ever.

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