06 January 2006

Now we know why the Lib Dems opposed longer drinking hours.

Seriously though, if they don't get rid of Kennedy after this admission,
how can any Lib Dem sincerely accuse Blair of lying over Iraq when they have such a barefaced lying leader?

Come to think of it, how did Kennedy manage it?


  1. Alcoholics always lie - primarily to themselves. Strictly speaking, Kennedy's denials weren't lying in the same sense as, say, the 45 minute lie, or the I didn't have sexual relations lie. It was driven by a disease and he was denying it to himself. Therefore he believed what he was saying because he had convinced himself that it was true - that's how addiction works.

    His "coming out" is the first step towards recovery and takes courage on the part of the addict. Such a high profile one must make it all the harder.

    I admire him for doing so - but then, I have a profound understanding of what he and his family have been through.

  2. Neil,

    I have been following your blog for some time. I am not a fan of Blair or the current government, but I find it refreshing to see so much good sense coming out of a Labour party member. I often agree with your posts.

    This one, however, is ridiculous. To compare lying about a personal problem to deceiving the electorate and entering into a pointless war that has killed tens of thousands of people is not remotely meaningful.

  3. I completely agree with Harry. It is frankly ludicrous to compare the two.

    As a Labour party member do you want a strong Lib Dem party to combat the Tories or not?

  4. carry bag man6/1/06 5:13 pm

    whilst having sympathy for kennedy as a person I think there is a wider point here.

    Why did the media not highlight this situation previously ( it has been common knowledge for years) is there a connection to the election of Cameron as leader of the tories and the timimg of the witchunt against the lib dem leader ?

    what deals were done previously to keep this out of the public domain ?
    I dont normally subsribe to conspiracy theories but the whole situation seems rather odd.

  5. These comments are disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is the lowest form of politics I have ever come across. evil.

  6. I'm not in the least bit ashamed of myself and certainly don't accept censure from anonymous commenters. I would hope Neil and the others who have left comments here take the same firm line.

  7. The comment was about the main post not the comments to it. We expect no better...

  8. "we" being?

    I believe Neil is wrong, but as this is a free country, he should feel free to speak his mind with impunity. Therefore, there is no reason why he should be ashamed.

  9. Longrider, Thanks for supporting my free speech. I think the anonymous poster is a Lib Dem who is still upset with me for criticising a local Lib Dem councillor for never being around.

    As carry bag man points out the Kennedy 'lie' is more than just the personal lie of an alcoholic, it involved the whole Lib Dem party in covering up their alcoholic leader and suppressing the media from reporting it. This is blatant lying, it wasn't even dressed up in political speak. They categorically denied something they knew was true!

    Blair didn't strictly lie over the 45 minute warning, though I admit is was an unwise exaggeration of a dubious source and to be honest I always knew the war was about oil and courting the US which is why I was against the war.

    Harry, sorry I have upset you. I always speak my mind (as you probably know following this blog). I try to keep an open mind about everything and think independently of the party line, sometimes I get things wrong and I have backtracked on those occasions.

    However I do think it is relevant to compare the supposed 'lies' of Blair and actual lies of Kennedy. The Kennedy one, in my opinion is worse, because if you are going to cover up something like that, what sort of dishonesty would they get up to if they had any real power?

    James, I would prefer a Lib Dem opposition to Labour rather than a Tory one as my new post explains.

  10. If you want free speech - watch out for the new website being set up called 'Neil Harding Watch' - dedicated to exposing the lies of this New Labour man. And it'll also expose the hypocracy of your councillors. You started this... coruption, affairs with each other, sex, drink driving - it'll all be there.

  11. Neil, did you really invent sex?

    Trolls are funny.

  12. carry bag man8/1/06 12:38 pm

    personally I cant wait for "neil Harding Watch" will it be on BBC2 and hosted by Bill Oddie ???

    By the way anonymous there are 2 r's in corruption !!!

  13. It'll be one the web by next week and will announce the affair of between...

    You lot started this. The phrase with stones and glasshouses in it comes to mind.

  14. Well Said. There is also the scandal of a Labour Councillor turning up drunk to a Public Committee Meetings. He was so drunk he almost had to be removed from the Meeting. Neil Harding should not make cheap points. I will send these comments to all the local AA groups and 'The Argus' to see what they say about this offensive 'free' speech from New Labour spokespeople.

  15. I will send these comments to all the local AA groups and 'The Argus' to see what they say about this offensive 'free' speech from New Labour spokespeople.

    Free speech is just that; free. No one has the right not to be offended. You will find that AA takes no interest - they are non-political; their only interest being the sobriety of their members.

  16. Thats not what they said to me a few hours ago.

    I do hope you never suffer from a disease such as this.

  17. AA are strictly non-political and non-partisan. Don't patronise me and don't make presumptions. Grow up.

  18. Anon: As the title of my blog clearly states, I do not speak for Labour, I just support them. All the views here are mine.

    I was not attacking Charles Kennedy's for being an alcoholic, just the party and media that covered it up and allowed an alcoholic to lead their party for so long. Seems fair game to me.

  19. You say 'don't patronise me', so much for free speech!!! you lot are a joke

  20. No thats right, this blog did not invent sex, the porn industry is being run from the Labour Leadership Office in Kings House.