09 January 2006

In praise of Daisy McAndrew.

Why is it always the woman who is painted in a bad light in cases like this? As far as I am concerned this is just the lazy assumption of sexists, who think all women should be 'sweetness and light' or must have 'slept their way to the top' or both. I was particularly disappointed in Owen Barder, who couldn't resist suggesting it's her looks and not her ability that have shaped her career. This sort of sexist innuendo is all the more disappointing coming from someone supposedly liberal.

It's obvious something was afoot in the Lib Dems. We all know the Lib Dems might have 'suggested' to McAndrew that now wouldn't be a bad time to finish Charles off. What concerns me is why it took so long, not that someone finally forced Kennedy 'to be brave' infront of the cameras. What a joke that is when we know he only did it to prevent stories in the NOTW, in short he had no choice. Even more of a joke than this is his suggestion that he has now resigned 'for the good of the party', what a load of crap. We all know he would have been forced to resign next week in a confidence vote, if he hadn't gone now. If he had had the interests of the party in mind, he would have gone when privately nudged before christmas.

The consensus opinion about all this is that the Lib Dems have been 'nasty' in getting rid of him, but what choice did Kennedy leave them? My criticism of the Lib Dems is that they took so long about it, were complicit in the cover up and so cowardly when it came to the final deed.

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  1. There is only one coward, and that the joke of an author of this blog