19 January 2006

ID cards are dead in the water.

Even I have to admit that ID cards in the UK are finished. I'm sure some of you remember that I was persuaded that the the biometrics and National Identity Register have too many practical flaws.

But now even the Mirror and Bloggers4Labour have given their official blessing to NO2ID. Well done to the opponents, you have won. There is absolutely no way the govt will press ahead with this. Maybe it will be Gordon Brown's privilege to announce the death of ID cards on his ascension to the throne.


  1. Much as I would like to think so - I fully expect a rearguard action.

  2. Like Thatcher and the pole tax, Blair has decided ID cards are something he has to do, We have not seen the last of them yet.

  3. You might want to tell some of your own MPs and your divine leader that they are finished then - they dont seem to have got the memo.

    See bbc report today here :

    and there was one yesterday where "ministers vowed to press on with ID cards".

  4. I think its all bravado by the government. There is a long way to go on the ID cards bill and it is almost certainly going to be delayed for around 2 years batting between Lords and Commons, by which time PM Gordon Brown can raise some support by publicly ditching them. Of course I could be wrong but the writing is on the wall as far as I can see. Even Blair has conceded that 'he didn't come into politics to ensure ID cards'. Which is a coded way of saying he is having cold feet about them.