17 November 2005

Ken Livingstone on his possible Jewish roots.

Very interesting interview with Ken Livingstone over at 'Something Jewish'.

In the interview, he talks about his possible Jewish roots, his criticism of Israel, why more Jewish Londoners vote for him than Tony Blair, the Jewish Board of Deputies opposition to the British left, the incident with the Standard reporter, his potential removal from office in December, why tobacco companies are worse than Hitler, atheism, suicide bombings, Quaradawi and lots more. Always guaranteed a good quote with Livingstone around. Well worth a read.


  1. I don't agree with everything he says, but interesting nonetheless.

  2. HI jo, which bits don't you agree with?

    Livingstone is a bit of an idol of mine, if he says something he generally seems to be proved right in the long term.

    There is very little I disagree with him about anyway, but usually when I do disagree with him, he is proved right in the long term and I am wrong.