18 November 2005

David Cameron backs licensing reform.

'It's all gone quiet over there'. As footy fans sing when the opposition lets in yet another goal.

Looks like the Tories are getting cold feet about their opposition to licensing reforms.
They are worried it could prove really popular as millions enjoy late drinking over the festive period.

In cahoots with the Liberals (who seem to have forgot what their name means), they have tried their best to stop this law by crowing about binge drinking problems being made worse and even tried last week in the Lords to delay it by 6 months.

They cant have it both ways, if this policy proves a success, which I think it will, then it is Labour who should get ALL the credit. Don't let the Tories, who have fought tooth and nail to stop it, fool you into thinking any different.

The success of this policy is something we can all drink to.


  1. Yippee! Only one more day to go! Finally, I can get a few in after 11pm.

  2. Yep. Apparently some pubs are going to stop serving at 11pm and restart serving at 1 minute past midnight tonight when the law comes into effect.

    I think this change is long overdue and people will wonder what all the Tory/Lib Dem fuss was about in a few months.

    Some people always find change difficult, I remember all the fuss on the Tory back benches about televising parliament. How silly does that seem now?