22 November 2005

ID card debate in Brighton, December 6th.

Will ID cards prevent fraud and tackle terrorism?

Or are they the most dangerous threat to society and a scandalous waste of money?

The ID Card Debate: farewell to liberty?

Andrew Burnham Home Office minister and champion of ID cards.


Peter Tatchell Human rights campaigner and critic of the government scheme.

A US presidential-style, one-to-one, eyeball-to-eyeball debate.

Tuesday 6 December, 7pm at the Quality Hotel, West Street, Brighton.

Entrance free.

Organised by Brighton & Hove NO2ID www.no2id.net Sponsored by Brighton & Hove UNISON

For more details contact brighton@no2id.net


  1. Anonymous said...
    The brit blogs are too
    domimated By the "pro war Left" including this one
    how trying this blog out

    The "pro war Left" only supports the Iraq war because of the oil and is concerned of Britains overall strategic position as regards other powers such as Russia and China.

  2. I'm not really sure what that comment is about.

  3. Does Britain have an AFIS, or a DNA sex offender's DNA data bank?

    (AFIS=Automated Fingerprint Identification System.)

    Just curious...seems that the Americans are solving cold cases like crazy since they brought theirs in.

  4. We have a fingerprint bank and DNA bank of everyone who's ever been arrested, and the ID scheme is planning to expand the fingerprints to everyone. I assume matching would be automated.

    When you say solving cold cases, do you mean finding a suspect and thence some other evidence, or are people being convicted solely on the basis of these systems? The latter is very worrying. However, given a recent US state throwing out a breathalyzer case on the grounds that the software was closed source and not examinable in court, things could get interesting.

  5. Sorry, I mean "everyone arrested since PACE 2001": http://www.statewatch.org/news/2004/sep/03uk-dna-database.htm

  6. On behalf of the now2id campaign group thanks for the publicity. And the Damascene conversion!

  7. Looking forward to the debate.