28 October 2005

More Brits have taken drugs than voted Labour.

Survey shows 11 million Brits have taken drugs and only 9.5 million voted Labour in May. This seems a massive mandate for legalisation. As David Cameron has found out, the best way to BOOST your popularity amongst young voters is to not deny drug use.

All the experts agree, it is inconsistent quality that kills, not the drugs themselves. While we all agree drug use should be controlled and discouraged, you don't do that by handing supply over to criminals, prohibition has clearly failed. It's time we all realised that and politicians started acting with some honesty on this subject.


  1. All the experts agree do they?

    Neil Harding makes crass generalisation.

    Is that the first time?

  2. Pretty much! Criminologists, the police, and drug treatment centres agree that criminalisation of drug use, just exacerbates the problem.