24 July 2005

Where is the Left?

Using Bloggers4Labour I've been surfing the 'supposed' Labour leaning blogs. I'd have thought I would have found a lot of left leaning views but I've been shocked to continually find views such as this;

The BBC, Guardian, New Statesman are all liberal bias, moral degeneracy, blah,blah,blah etc.

Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson, Melanie Phillips, don't they talk sense, blah,blah,blah, etc.

re-Britanification of Britain, what a great idea! whato Boris!

Bombing Iraq was a great idea!

Hatred of Ken Livingstone!

George Bush , what a nice guy!

This country is too liberal, PC, etc. blah, blah, blah

Adam Smith Institute, the sparkiest of think tanks!

For christsake! If this is what the left are saying, I can't imagine how bad the right wing blogs are! This is disgraceful!

George Bush, Adam Smith Institute, Boris Johnson, Melanie Phillips, it's all right wing propaganda, we on the supposed left should know that!

The worst offenders are, Stephen Pollard, Harry's Place, Normblog, popsensible.

I question whether any of these blogs are actually even Labour supporters!

Where is the Left?


  1. Possibly living rich and varied lives, either politically or generally (or both) without a drive to pontificate on every single issue as if they were an expert...?

    I agree with the thrust of your post!

  2. Thanks for agreeing. You are probably right about rich and varied lives. Where did I go wrong!! Ha ha!!