09 July 2005

From Olympic joy to bombed misery in a few hours!

I was going to write a post here about how great it was that the Olympics are coming to London (despite the initial cynicism of the Tories and right wing press), but Thursday's events took over. Obviously, first and foremost our sympathies go out to those affected by the bombings and lets hope the perpetrators are caught as quickly as possible.

Just to say on the Olympics that I believe that it was the belief and vision of Ken Livingstone that drove this bid right from the start and made the difference in getting the eventual whole hearted backing of the politicians and public that was needed for the bid to be successful.

It's worth considering the implications of those who said and still say that we can not afford the Olympics. What they in effect are saying is that a country such as the UK is not good enough to host the games. What does such an attitude say about their opinion of this country? I have no doubt we would never have won the games under a Tory government!

A lot of words have been written about the terror attacks in London, none more poignant than here.

The worrying thing is we all knew this was going to happen and that it is impossible to stop it happening again and again unless the problems of the middle east can be solved.

These terror attacks like so many problems in the world are based on an irrational doctrine. Irrationalism is always a difficult problem to solve but it is compounded when the solutions we seek are also irrational. It is time to really think about how we go about solving this!

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