22 January 2016

Why It Is Time For Britain To Leave The EU.

1. Politicians are treating voters with contempt.

There is just an assumption from the elites, that they'll just ramp up the pro EU propaganda and we'll all just fall into line. For democracy's sake, the establishment need to get a shock.

2. Britain is holding the EU back.

This is not just about the 60m people on this island, it is about the 500m on the continent. True socialists must give them equal consideration.

Has the UK given a helpful contribution in the refugee crisis? Environmental legislation? Financial transactions tax? Banker's bonus cap? Solidarity over Euro crisis? Fiscal transfers? Taxation?

I have no doubt the EU would have reached better solutions on these issues without the UK blocking and vetoing.

3. Britain will cope outside the EU.

It won't be a bed of roses and I think voters need to feel the lost benefits of being outside the EU, not just hear about them to fully appreciate what the EU is for. But bilateral deals will happen, although it could get complex....

4. We need a real debate.

Only a real risk of a Leave vote will force the arrogant elite to respond.

Why no contingencies for Brexit?

Why are the EU so quiet on how they will respond to Brexit?

We need real discussion on these issues otherwise the referendum will not satisfy those who are unhappy and we'll get a neverendum.

5. We need real negotiations.

This opportunity to push for real EU reforms that benefit all members is being missed. Lets stop the waste of having two parliaments in Brussels and Strasburg. Lets democratise the structure, giving more powers to elected MEPs and less to Eurocrats. Lets get the accounts properly signed off by auditors. Lets change the wasteful CAP. etc. etc.

And lets have transparency about trade deals like TTIP. And solidarity with poorer countries like Greece.

Britain could have won plaudits for standing up for a democratic EU.

Instead it is making "demands" and wants "concessions" for naked national interest. It looks petty and spiteful. There is no vision. No concern for the big issues the EU is currently facing and no solidarity.

Because of these worries and a concern that EU trade deals will scupper future returns to public ownership of our key services. I have come to the conclusion a long period outside the EU will help British people come to terms with their place in a 21st Century world and allow the EU to further come together in "ever closer union", which will be essential for it to overcome its present difficulties. The UK has not been a constructive member of the EU. Leaving might be the only way to change that. Better for everyone concerned.

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