09 August 2008

PR Link Dump (from previous post)

58% cannot name their MP (para 6)

68% don't vote for their MP (pdf p12)

75% of seats are 'dead certs' - Even in the 'landslide' election of 1997 only 186 seats out of 659 changed hands, so 72% (473 seats) were unchanged (and this was after a drastic boundary review, so boundary changes probably had more impact than vote changes in a lot of these seats).

94% of Londoners cannot name council leader.

'Wrong winners' in local elections (p21 pdf).

The 'Gerrymander Wheel'

And for why PR is better:-

PR Leads To Higher Turnout (p7 pdf)

PR Countries Have Less Inequality.

PR Leads To Higher Economic Growth

PR doesn't need party lists

Although Party Lists do mean many more women and ethnic minorities elected (matching their proportion in the population).

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