16 January 2012

I Will Not Watch A Film That Glorifies Thatcher.

For good or bad it seems I am now not the number one Thatcher hater on the net six years after I wrote this post. But I have to make a comment about the new film about her. When they make a film that explains why so many people hate her, then i will watch.

How dare they make a film about Thatcher without the politics of what she did to the poor of this country. Worse they depict her alzheimers which is bad taste enough, but some people might end up sympathising with her. Now that is sick.

Unfortunately Meryl Streep has apparently mimicked her to a tee so a lot of people might go just for that reason. I hope not. Meryl's comments about Thatcher being a feminist icon sum up why this film should not be seen. It is both hysterically funny and horrific that anyone might think Thatcher did anything for the cause of "wimmin".

The way the film shows people very angry at Thatcher but never explains why is another depressing feature of the film. This film glorifies Thatcher and to say that because it shows her with alzeimers at the end we on the left are supposed to say it is a balanced film. It is not, worse, the plight of Thatcher in her later years is sad and it is sick that this film makes capital of that. They should have waited until after her death due to respect for her family and better still they should have made a film that explains how much damage she did to this country in respect of the people of Britain.

Just to add, there is a brilliant satirical petition on the government's website about privatising Thatcher's state funeral. Please sign it, it has 27,000 signatures, if we can get to 100,000 they might debate it in parliament. No more taxpayer's money should be wasted on this woman. Her funeral should be privatised preferably sponsored by McDonalds and or British American Tobacco. It is what she would have wanted. .

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