04 May 2011

Canada: Tories Win 55% of Seats With Just 39% Of The Vote

Stephen Harper 'Canada's George Bush' has just gained an undeserved majority of seats and prospered yet again under their first-past-the-post system after ruling in a minority government for a number of years. Canada has had 5 hung parliaments out of the last 8 under first-past-the-post.

This general election has seen the classic split in the left giving power to the Conservatives on a small minority of the vote. Just 1.8% more votes for the Tories delivered them 18% more seats. There has been a collapse in the traditional centre left Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois in Quebec, both have been destroyed as the NDP has added 175% more seats with just 12% more of the vote. The NDP (a social democratic party) have split the Liberal and BC vote. Under AV the Tories would be in opposition.

The Canadian Tories plan to make significant changes to the constitution to make it harder for smaller parties and democracy in general (removing state funding of $2 per vote for parties). They have no mandate to do this with just 39% of the vote, but being granted 55% of the seats by the corrupt first-past-the-post system will give them 100% of the power to do this, especially with the backing of a biased right-wing press.

Those of you planning to vote against AV and effectively in favour of this UK/Canadian system should pause for thought. Ed Miliband has said today that this referendum is the end of electoral reform for a generation. Take note, this is your one chance to change things, vote YES tomorrow.

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