28 April 2011

Are People Really Too Stupid To Understand The Alternative Vote?

If a majority of voters vote No to AV on May 5th, it will probably be mainly because they were persuaded that AV was just too complicated to understand. This will be a disaster. This will be a failing of the YES campaign to explain just how simple AV really is.

Do people really think choosing how many candidates to rank and then ranking them in order is too difficult a task?

Is it really too difficult to understand a counting process where 'you keep eliminating the bottom candidate and redistribute their voter's next preferences amongst those left, until someone gets a majority'.

Honestly, the YES campaign would have done better putting out one of these two excellent videos instead of their frankly weird election broadcast.


  1. Yes, I have a nasty feeling they are.

    Did you get the stupid 8-page green and purple leaflet? The page featuring Nick Clegg is the most stomach churning - remember that these leaflets were funded by the same people who fund the Tory party, and what they are saying is basically a) Tory policies are unpopular and b) it's all Nick Clegg's fault.

  2. Mark, yes I did. The Tories have managed to sell ice to Eskimoes. We have bankers funding a campaign telling us that the present system is working just fine - for them I suppose it is working very well indeed.

    We now have to hope that the strength of feeling amongst YES supporters means they turn out and the less motivated NO vote don't turn out. The opinion polls cannot allow for differential turnout. However I may be clutching at straws here, we are 16-20 points behind in the polls. The NO campaigners somehow seem to have won the argument. Their, lets face it, pretty ugly campaign, has been far more effective in making its mark, but somehow I still can't believe that a majority are really going to vote for no change. If we lose, I suppose it is back to the drawing board. Could we really get another referendum in my lifetime? At least we would know what to expect from the NO campaign.