16 March 2011

103 Labour MPs who know no shame!

Every Labour MP was selected by party members using the Alternative Vote (AV), yet 103 Labour MPs have now 'come out' against AV to elect them. Most kept quiet as long as they could, but now the truth is out. These MPs are saying AV is good enough for party members to select them, but not for the voters to elect them. As this Labour YES supporter puts it, lets tell these MPs who know no shame that 'if its good enough for selection, it's good enough for election'.

At least the AV referendum is 'smoking out' some of the Labour MPs who seemt to want to say NO to democracy itself to preserve their safe seats. Looking at the list of 103 Labour MPs who are campaigning for NO, I notice 1 or 2 notable absenses, people like Jim Murphy and Andy Burnham, definite opponents of the change to AV, but obviously keeping a low profile at the moment. So there are more than 103 of them.

So what has prompted Labour MPs in safe seats to fund a full page advert in the national press to say NO to AV? (Can anyone ever remember when they last did this on any issue?). It seems the change to AV that they claim will make little difference to them in safe seats has got them a little rattled.

The truth is that these MPs know when they are on a good thing, easy re-election under the present system or uncertainty under AV. If you want to scare some Labour MPs into doing a better job then vote for AV on May 5th.

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