18 February 2011

Sky Don't Link To Fairer Votes Website In Their AV debate

Sky News are very good at hiding bias in their 'news' coverage. Just as Fox news is seen as 'fair and balanced' in the US by its viewers, I doubt most Sky News viewers realise Murdoch's support for right-wing policies and hence their opposition voiced openly in their press - the Times, The Sun and News of the World to the Alternative Vote.

Cleverly, in talking about AV, Sky link to the plush up to date No campaign website but not the polar opposite YES to Fairer Votes website. Instead they give a static wordy page from the ERS website - very uninviting and uninspiring. Coincidence? Accident? You kidding?

In response to the success of the grassroots campaign being run by YES to Fairer Votes which seems to be bearing fruit as YES has moved ahead in the polls, No2AV are 'push polling' in Town Hall 'debates' across the country. Yes campaigners have been excluded from these 'debates' which will be little more than dressed up No propaganda and an attempt 'tea party' style to drum up 'astro-turf' groups into opposing change. Expect these groups to be made 'angry' about the alleged cost of AV counting machines.

Really, this is scraping the barrel. Is this all they have got? As people hear about the merits or not of the different voting systems, the YES vote increases. NO2AV can only talk around the subject because the subject itself is a total loser for them. It is quite clear that it is better that MPs have to get 50% of the vote rather than as little as 30% (or less) at present to get elected.

As it happens, machines might actually reduce the cost of the count - as it will mean less polling clerks which cost around £70 a time and are needed in their tens of thousands on election night.

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  1. Good point Neil. Please keep an eye on this for us!