28 February 2011

Save The Drive/Grand Avenue Cycle Lane.

The Tories spent £600,000 installing a cycle lane on the Drive in 2008, now they are to spend £1.1m ripping it out again. This has got national media coverage, but come on, why do the Tories hate cycle lanes so much?

This administration is a disgrace. The Tories started off thinking this was going to be a vote winner for them with the car drivers of the city, as they are planning clogging the centre of town with even more cars by widening the road. The cycle lane has its faults that can be easily remedied according to local cycle group BRICYCLES. Whats the betting that accidents rise as more cars cruise down this road?

The Tories now claim it is all Labour's fault for wanting the cycle lanes in the first place and that the Tories never wanted them. This is very believable as they have form in spending millions ripping out cycle lanes elsewhere, lets hope these Tory gits are gone by May. Lets hope the voters tell them where to stick their annual £10 council tax rebate and £10 off car permits. These election giveaways don't fool the voters. The Tories are even more sure to cut services like crazy and put up all the charges once they have got through the election.

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Save Hove Cycle Lane

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