24 February 2011

The Disgraceful NO2AV Ad Campaign.

"Babies need cardiac units not AV. Soldiers need bullet proof jackets not AV. Sheffield forgemasters need their loan not AV". Who could disagree with that eh?

Personally, I have to hand it to Matthew Elliot and other ex Tax Payer Alliance (TPA) bods who really know how to drive a campaign into the heart of the public. It reminds me of the advantages of having no scruples, it doesn't matter if what you say is a tissue of lies.

AV doesn't need counting machines as Australia demonstrates and any money spent on the referendum has already been spent so voting No won't save anything. Maybe YES to Fairer Votes should respond by pointing out that under our present system the only savings made and lots more beside will be spent on MPs corrupt expenses and bankrolling bankers bonuses. Can we afford to keep the status quo is the real question?

Will Straw at Left Foot Forward has a good summary of what NO2AV are really up to with their past TPA opinions showing just what they think of spending money on the NHS or any other public services..cut..cut..cut is their previous mantra.

PeeZedTee thinks this ad campaign demonstrates just how desperate NO2AV and the establishment are becoming when staring possible defeat in the face. This has only bolstered his opinion that AV really is a change worth making. I have to agree. NO2AV can keep telling themselves with dodgy polling that they are seven points ahead but it doesn't make it true. It may fool a few voters into voting NO, but in reality they have got to ramp up the scare tactics. Expect them to go even dirtier if their real private polling still shows AV ahead.

It all reminds me of what I think George Orwell was really on about with 1984. Remember that Orwell worked in advertising and also at propaganda at the BBC during the war. People forget Orwell was a lefty, writing for old Labour magazine Tribune. Who knows where he would be today politically but at the time he was writing about propaganda in 1948 (which is how he came up with 1984 - just turned the 4 and 8 around).

Most see the totalitarian aspect of the book and think it is a warning about Soviet Communism. But in fact I think it is more about modern propaganda especially if you have read the Clergyman's Daughter which puts 1984 into more perspective. Orwell saw how Hollywood films incited hate - there is a insightful scene in 1984 describing the masses hate filled faces and callous laughter while watching a violent film devoid of any humanity. Think of the Expendables! And he also despaired at how the masses were fooled with doublespeak. This was all happening in 1948 and today with our 24 hour media it is like propaganda on acid. NO2AV are playing this game. If this is the future of our democracy then it is very sad indeed. For that reason alone I would recommend a YES vote in the referendum.


  1. They are, as you say, complete and utter shits.

    I suppose one ought to hit back with "If we weren't wasting all this money on an unwinnable war in Afghanistan, there'd be plenty of money for cardiac units"

  2. Hitting back isn't a bad idea Mark. Same with tertiary education - if we stopped spending billions on the paranoia that Trident represents, no student would have to pay fees and universities would be well funded.

    AV is far preferable to first past the post and the NO2AVers know it as do the politicians.

    The tenacity with which those in power grasp with their fingernails the means to retain power means a big fight ahead.

    Low as they can go - there is lower yet, I am afraid. Sob.