25 January 2011

Andy Gray: Hacked And Sacked

Obviously it is a coincidence that just as Andy Gray starts legal proceedings against one part of the Murdoch empire - the News of the World, who allegedly hacked his voicemails, he gets sacked from another part - Sky Sports. Pure coincidence.

I wonder how many other commentators are nervously recalling past comments 'off mic'. Just don't also sue your employer at the same time is my advice.

What with the vast majority of CCTV cameras in private hands and the amount of data our employers, google, facebook, banks etc have, not to mention that wage inequality and silly wages are far worse in the private sector than public and what we don't pay for in taxes costs us much more in fares, charges and rising prices. It seems the government is a far less scary problem. Pity I never seem to read about organisations campaigning against the private sector rather than the public. [This paragraph a bit off topic I know]

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