25 November 2010

Freedom For Tooting!

Brings a tear to your eye, the youth are on the front line fighting the unjust cuts. They are realising their power and the authorities are starting to get worried. This could get very interesting. Imagine what 100,000 people could do? I am not suggesting anything other than non-violent civil disobedience. But imagine a spontaneous occupation of key government buildings, how would the authorities stop us? The police/army firing tear gas and plastic/rubber bullets or worse? I wouldn't put it past this lot, but hopefully there would then be a million or more of us supporting the kids if they tried that and it wouldn't be effigies of Clegg and Cameron that were burning. Don't let Gove censor the debate either. This is about all the cuts, not just tuition fees and the educational maintenance allowance. Makes me proud to be British again. It took Blair 5 years and the Iraq war to lose credibility, it has took Cameron and Clegg just 5 months.

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