14 June 2010

I Wish FIFA Would Stop Messing With The Ball

The Jabalani is the new Addidas ball for this World Cup. FIFA seem to have this strange idea that new rules or new balls or new anything should be introduced just before the biggest most important tournament, rather than tested out first at a lower level.

So the new lighter ball will give us more goals, more excitement etc. As the first seven games of the tournament show - just 9 goals - players are over-hitting passes, and skying shots because they have not yet got their handle on the new ball. This is not the best way to showcase top player skills. Yes, we get a couple of Rob Green type errors, but basically it makes things harder for players to show their skills, their passing abilities and crucially their shot accuracy. It leads to less goals and so far South Africa has been a boring tournament. It will get better as players get used to the ball, it has to get better. But what a waste of time FIFA are.

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