10 May 2010

Will the Lib Dems let us down?

There are worrying signs emerging that not only is Clegg about to sign a deal with Cameron without getting a PR referendum - they are also planning to gerrymander the boundaries for the next election, enlarging boundaries to make it even harder for smaller parties and Labour and make MPs even more remote and unaccountable. This is completely in line with Tory policy. Add in the fact that the Tories have put their cuts agenda (which will start immediately), immigration quotas and Euroscepticism as a red line issues and you have to ask what exactly have the Lib Dems managed to achieve - a few ministerial cars for Lib Dems?

The other worry is the assertion that there is 'no need' to consult Lib Dem party members. So, after all the talk of the Lib Dems being a 'democratic party', we now find their leadership can ignore their members just as easily as Labour did. As Polly Toynbee put it - a lot of lefties who voted Lib Dem will 'want their vote back'.

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