03 May 2010

First-past-the-post is like Apartheid

Defenders of first-past-the-post have recently been forced to admit that a system that gives most seats to third place and least to first is pretty silly, but they argue 'no system is perfect'.

That is like defending apartheid because there is 'racism is every country'. Where apartheid disenfranchised the majority who are black, FPTP disenfranchises the majority who live in the 'wrong places'. The point is that other more proportional systems are better, not perfect, but better. This system has to go if we value democracy at all. And the only way to get rid of it is to stop the Tories getting a majority.

Labour have lost already, but the Tories have not yet won. The Independent yesterday published the 72 seats where progressives need to vote Labour to keep the Tories out. In 90% of seats, the other 578 seats (except Brighton Pavilion where you need to vote Green) (and apart from the 18 in Northern Ireland) you can happily vote Lib Dem and know you are not helping the Tories. In about 100 of these seats you could realistically get a Lib Dem MP (63 seats already have Lib Dem MPs). I will publish the 72 seats to vote Labour in another post.

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