04 May 2010

Cameron's CON-tract

1. We will make meaningless promises like 'recall your MP'. Only if an MP commits a criminal offence will you get a by-election. Meaningless because what you really want recall for, is if your MP break their promises, are incompetent, lazy or greedy with their legally allowed expenses - Unity fisks Cameron on this one over at Lib Con.

2. Reduce number of MPs by 10%. Yeah, by getting rid of some of those awkward labour, lib dem, green and independent MPs. Putting constituents even further from their MPs is bound to increase trust and accountability isn't it? In 1945 there was an MP for every 50,000 constituents, in Ireland they have one for every 20,000. It is currently an MP for every 65,000, Cameron wants to make it for every 80,000. To put this in context. If an MP knocked on 100 doors every single day non stop, it would take nearly THREE YEARS to knock on the door of every household in the average constituency.

Also what Cameron's contract doesn't mention is, that the Tories will not match Labour's commitment to increase the minimum wage to £7 and will seek to reverse the EU social chapter that provides maternity/paternity pay, 5 weeks holiday and minimum pay. Over 430 candidates have now signed the reduce inequality pledge. Only a small percentage are Tories.

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